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Background to Gone West

  Gone West with legal name GONE WEST GLOBAL LTD is an Active company incorporated on 12 November 2013 with the registered office located at 111 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L22 0LT. The company operates in the Mixed Digital/Non-Digital, Mixed B2B/B2C sector in the area of Advertising & Marketing.  

Company Details Of Gone West

Registered Number 08771195
Registered Office 111 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L22 0LT
Date Of Incorporation 12 November 2013
Location Liverpool, United Kingdom
Country United Kingdom
Status Active
Classification 02100 – Silviculture and other forestry activities
Country Origin United Kingdom
Email Address
Website https://www.gonewest.com/
Company House Reference https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08771195

Fundraise Details Of The Company

Target Raise
Pre Money Valuation £2.5M
Type Of Raise Equity
Equity To Sale /Discount 5.52%
Crowdfund Promotion Site https://www.seedrs.com/gonewest
Amount Raised £159,300
Funded Date Funded 17 Mar 2020
Number Of Investors 359 investors
Tax Relief

Company House Filings Of Gone West

Last Submitted Confirmation Statement Last statement dated 4 March 2020
Next Confirmation Statement Next statement date 4 March 2021 due by 15 April 2021
Last Accounts Submitted For The Period Last accounts made up to 30 November 2019
Next Accounts Next accounts made up to 30 November 2020 due by 31 August 2021

Company House History

Date Detail Download
Memorandum and Articles of Association PDF
17 Jun 2020 Resolutions The company shares subdivided 11/05/2020 Resolution of alteration of Articles of Association PDF
17 Jun 2020 Statement of capital following an allotment of shares on 13 May 2020 GBP 105.846 PDF
17 Jun 2020 Sub-division of shares on 11 March 2020 PDF
10 Jun 2020 Appointment of Mr Oliver Jay Hooton as a director on 5 June 2020 PDF
28 May 2020 Micro company accounts made up to 30 November 2019 PDF
27 May 2020 Appointment of Ms Wendy Elizabeth Bonham-Carter as a director on 26 May 2020 PDF
15 Apr 2020 Confirmation statement made on 4 March 2020 with no updates PDF

Officers Of Gone West

Position Name
Director BONHAM-CARTER, Wendy Elizabeth
Director HOOTON, Oliver Jay
Director HUGHES, James Ivor

Financial Status

Cash £0
Net Worth – £34.2k
Total Liabilities £42.3k
Net Assets – £34.2k

Shareholders Split

Seedrs 0        0.00%
Venture Capital 0
Others 100
Total Shares 100

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