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Background to MiTonics

MiTonics was a Food & Beverage company based in Bristol, United Kingdom incorporated on 2-Feb-10 with a registered office at 5 Bassett Wood Drive, Southampton, SO16 3PT.

MiTonics Crowdfund Raise On Seedrs

MiTonics executed a crowdfund raise and successfully raised £155,950 from 119 investors that was Funded 27 Aug 2014.

The MiTonics Seedrs pitch relating to the raise can be viewed here MiTonics Seedrs Raise

The raise was targetted at 12.20% of equity at a pre-money valuation of £1.1M with EIS tax relief for investors.

Financial Reports Of The Company

Statement Of Affairs

Liquidators Report

Return of final meeting in a creditors’ voluntary winding up

Who were the shareholders of the company ?

The company documents submitted to Companies House detailed shareholders to be

Venture Capital              0
Seedrs                              299,260                  11.50%
Others                              2,302,797
Total                                2,602,057

How can I find out more about the Company ?

Company Website

Companies House

Final Gazette dissolved following liquidation

Return of final meeting in a creditors’ voluntary winding up

Liquidators’ statement of receipts and payments to 3 April 2018

Statement of affairs with form 4.19

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