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YAYZY LIMITED is a Private limited Company with company number 12272318 and registered office at 2 Minster Court, London, United Kingdom, EC3R 7BB.

The company has 3 officers / 0 resignations and was incorporated on 21 October 2019.


Company Filings at Companies House

Last accounts made up to 31 March 2020

Next accounts made up to 31 March 2021
due by 31 December 2021

First statement date 20 October 2020
due by 1 December 2020

Download the last filed accounts here

The companies record at Companies House can be verified here

Details of Fundraise

£3.5M                    13.11%

Promotional Page for YAYZY LIMITED

Sector Finance & Payments / Digital / Mixed B2B/B2C



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