Portfolio Of Passion Capital II LP

Passion Capital II LP has invested in several startups including

  • Burrow Limited
  • Finimize Limited
  • Open Risk Exchange Limited
  • Pinipa Limited
  • Uberchord Limited
  • Tide Holdings Limited
  • Property Works Limited
  • Dogmates Ltd
  • Xelix Limited

The Fund was incorporated on 6 Jan 2015 and the general partner is Passion Capital II (GP) LLP and the Limited Partner Passion Capital (FP) LLP

Passion Capital II LP Limited Partners

Limited PartnersUnits HeldCapital CommitmentSum of Drawdown 31 March 2019
British Business Finance2009,999,8008,700,000
Achim Becker602,999,9402,610,000
Harald Becker602,999,9402,610,000
Passion Capital II (FP) LLP Limited Partner42.52,124,9581,848,750
Susanna Vermogensverwaltungs mbH401,999,9601,740,000
Stefan Glaenzer321,599,9681,392,000
HUSKELAPP Vermogensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH301,499,9701,305,000
Siebte PMB Management GmbH301,499,9701,305,000
Milimax ITE ltd20999,980870,000
Mojo Partners PTE Ltd20999,980870,000
SPC Ventures GmBH20999,980870,000
Stefan Wiskemann13649,987565,500
Actus Fastigheter10499,990435,000
Christina Stangl10499,990435,000
Daniel Crasemann10499,990435,000
E-Len Fu10499,990435,000
Farledico Investment Limited10499,990435,000
Freiherr von Salmuth Beteiligungen AG10499,990435,000
HAKKELOV Vermogensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH10499,990435,000
Hans Wilheim Jenckel10499,990435,000
HUGGORM Vermogensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH10499,990435,000
QN Holdings Ltd10499,990435,000
Kai Flint8399,992348,000
RVP ONE PTE LTD8399,992348,000
Sort Hest Limited8399,992348,000
Shamita Etienne-Cummings6299,994261,000
Familie & Vaekst ApS5249,995217,500
Gamazon PTE Ltd5249,995217,500
Sabine Cramer5249,995217,500
Adam Knight4199,996174,000
Andreas Wiele4199,996174,000
Mark Xavier Zaleski4199,996174,000
Ranch Hand Familiy Trust4199,996174,000
Christoph Linkwitz3149,997130,500
Denneboom Capital GmbH & Co KG3149,997130,500
H2 Investments GmbH3149,997130,500
RVP ONE GmbH3149,997130,500
Jermyn Street Capital2.5124,998108,750
Andrew Cummings299,99887,000
Helmut Sohler299,99887,000
Mark Stefano Dighero299,99887,000
Pa Einhundertneununddreisigste WT Holding GnbH299,99887,000
Patrick Fook Yau Lee299,99887,000
Richard Haring299,99887,000
Passion Capital II (FP) LLP250250250
Adeeba Khan000
Anna Vermogensverwaltungs mbH000
Augsberg Investments Ltd000
Christian Bartels von Varnbuler000
Conren Estates FCP000
Lopo Champalimaud000
Robert Dighero000
VAVE EuVECA Invest GmbH000
Vistra Corporate Services Ltd000
Grand Total100537,749,49532,842,750

Passion Capital have several funds and its investments include Monzo

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